"ten dollar mansion"

installed at Trump International

reinstallation at Armory Art Center

wooden pallets, cardboard, plastic, model airplanes, hardware, mixed media, video. (2009)

"Saccadic Twilight"

televisions, dvd players, RF modulators, video, wiring. (2009)

"response ability"

10x10, a one-night show of installations in empty self-storage units.
found objects, video from the onsite CC network. (2008)


video projection of a corner in a corner. (2008)

"all i have to lose"

plaster cast of my arm, wire, hardware. (2008)

"Homeland: Tribute to Florida and National Security"

video. artist repeatedly entered and illegally altered a landscape which is under surveillance, footage captured from government website.

"Degenerative Portrait"

television, RF modulator, dvd player, wiring, video of 80 photocopies. (2008)

"Covert Conversion"

televisions, dvd players, RF modulators, video, wiring, a/v cart (2008)


hotel installation. alarm clocks, wiring. (2008)

"sacred fire, modern attempt at interpreting ancient ritual"

lamps, tobacco, wiring (2008)


12 hour video loop of unset alarm clocks. (2007)


alarm clocks, wiring, hardware. (2007)

a few photomontages from the series, Untitled (conquest)

photomontage. hand cut paper collage, enlarged and photocopied. (2008 -09)


steel, bike wheels, tires, hardware (2008)